About the Author

I am a Midwest author of twenty-nine works of fiction. Woman Justice is an erotic mystery, featuring Detective Laura McCallister. Secrets and Sins is the second Laura McCallister mystery while Corpse Call is the third. The Watson Evidence comes in at number four.

The Lesbian Adventure Club series includes twenty-ne books thus far: Scavengers, Ledge Walkers, Savages, Loose Sleuths, Sisters, Leakers Ignited, Scraps, L-Word C-Word, Spiders, Likely Suspects, Stalemates, Laura’s League, Sutures, Ladies And…, Most Unlikely and the Angry Arsonist, Smooched, Lore Mongers, Subjects, L’Babes, Sentinels, Living Dead(heads), and Stringers. There is also an LAC prequel backstory entitled, The Queen of Terrified & The Newly Brave Landowner.

I have also written two Trinity MacNeil paranormal mysteries: Squatter and Squatter 2.

My books are available in Adobe PDF, Mobipocket (non-DRM that will work on the Kindle), and ePub. You can purchase them for immediate download here from my publisher. Paperbacks are available here via Amazon.

On the top menu, you will find links to each series with information about each title. On the home page’s right menu, you will find links to PDF excerpts and book reviews.

The crew of Lesbian Adventure Club also has their own website. They enjoy posting chapters from my books-in-progress. If you want sneak peeks, head over to their domain.

If you have something to say or ask, please feel free to leave a comment or contact me via the link in the upper menu.