Book Review of Lesbian Mystery, Secrets and Sins

Here is a review of Secrets and Sins as posted on Rainbow Reviews. 4/5 stars

Laura McCallister and her partner of ten years, Holly Crawford, have a wonderful vacation to Maine planned. Unfortunately, there is a dead body that puts a crimp in their plans. Tobias Faraday, a seventy-three year old man, is found dead in his living room by his housekeeper. All of the evidence points to Faraday’s sister, Alexandra Sinclair, but as Laura continues to investigate, it becomes clear that things are not as cut as dry as they first appeared. As Laura follows the clues that have been left for her, she struggles to maintain control over both the case and her own emotions which are stirred up by the recently deceased man.

Secrets and Sins is a captivating mystery filled with wonderful characters. Laura is excellent at her job as a detective, and is always determined to find justice for the victims. I am a huge fan of the Lesbian Adventure Club series in which these characters also appear and it is a treat to get a story from Laura’s viewpoint. Kate, another club member, plays a role as a secondary character in this story and it is fascinating and fun to see Laura and Kate interact in their “real lives”. They have a mutual respect for one another and a very close friendship.

The relationship between Laura and Holly is moving and emotional. These women are so very much in love, and that comes across in all of their interactions. After ten years, they know each other very well and they are able to provide support and comfort for each other whenever it is needed. They also provide some humorous moments, for example the lobsters Paul and Art who receive a tear-filled reprieve, but most of the story is driven by the investigation and the emotional path that Laura unexpectedly finds herself on.

My only criticism is related to the fact that throughout the story, Laura is always referred to as “McCallister”. This makes sense when she is in her role as a detective, deserving of the respect of those around her. But when she is at home with Holly, it seems a bit untrue. I felt that she should be “Laura” whenever she is with her partner, shedding her detective façade. However it doesn’t detract from the story in any way and overall this is an enjoyable story that is not to be missed!

This is the second mystery featuring Laura McCallister, the first being Woman Justice. Although I have not read the first story, I didn’t feel at a disadvantage at all. I will most definitely be getting a copy of the first story to read and am anxiously awaiting the next mystery for detective McCallister to solve!

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