Author Update

Thankfully, I am far more disciplined as a writer than a blogger. My apologies.

Since my last now-ancient post, two more books in the LAC series have been released: Sentinels, book 19, and Living Dead(heads), book 20.

Today, I have released a paranormal mystery, Squatter. It’s unrelated to either of my series and is available in paperback and ebook.

Squatter Book Cover

Blurb: For Trinity MacNeil, life and its people are overwhelming and intrusive. So when she inherits her aunt’s house, she seizes the opportunity to escape her life, saddened only to surrender her job as librarian. In the country, a mile outside the small town of Hillmon Point, she hopes to create a self-sustaining existence—a dream come true.

She’s quick to realize, however, that the house is an unwelcoming mausoleum: her aunt’s hospice setup still there, her cousin’s room the same as the day he died nearly twenty-three years ago. Caring deeply for both, she finds it difficult to remove the last reminders of their existence and simply avoids the upstairs.

But, when a figure begins appearing in her cousin’s playroom window, that becomes impossible. Whoever—or whatever—is upstairs is pulling her attention there, and as the activity increases, she realizes she is being led somewhere.

But, where?

And, by whom?

With nowhere to go and no one to turn to, she must reach inside herself to find the power to deal with the unearthly, and outside herself to let people near enough to help.


Progress Report

I am nearing completion of Lesbian Adventure Club Book 11. It feels like it is taking forever. (There are sneak-peek chapters over on the LAC characters’ blog.) The series has now exceeded 425,000 words.

The writing distractions of late have been many. I’ve been compelled to write scenes that pop into my head. They involve the current characters, but I am not sure where they will end up. It could be LAC 12, but at this point I’m not quite sure.

I’ve been toying with my fourth mystery—ideas mostly. I don’t have very much text to it yet, as I’ve been trying hard to stick with the task at hand, despite the characters trying to take me in a different direction, despite life doling out things that cannot be ignored.

Forward progress. S l o o o o w forward progress, but progress nonetheless.