Book Review of Third Mystery

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Homicide investigation is sufficiently difficult when the motives, opportunity, and means are obvious. In Detective Laura McCallister’s latest case, a husband and father missing only a few days is found drowned in his car, in the pond, at a city park. No clues at first, no reason for his death. Was it an accident, suicide, or worse? Soon McCallister, as she is known in the department, finds herself drenched in clues, too many to sort out clearly.

The victim was a devoted, loving husband and father, but the investigation soon uncovers an Internet horror blog titled “Corpse Call” which sports fiction from the corpse’s viewpoint. Or is it fiction? McCallister diligently follows the trail laid out by this mysterious killer, whose goal seems at first to taunt the police department, and soon seems deeper and more intent. What is the killer after, and why is he or she directing McCallister to victims killed seventeen years earlier?

Laura McCallister is a tough-talking, hardened homicide investigator, with a spin. A lesbian in a committed, long- term relationship, she is determined not to let her career overpower her home life. She and partner Holly strive to keep an enviable balance between relationship and work. Their friends Kate and Claudia also portray a similar situation, as Kate is a journalist with a very unusual past which comes to light as McCallister decides to elicit Kate’s assistance in the investigation. Ms. Wraight’s characters are well-developed and as likely as our own friends and family. She superbly unravels the multiple subplots and delivers each new clue in her mystery with a punch. Readers will delight in this newest Detective Laura McCallister mystery, and like this reviewer, will rush to find the earlier novels in the series. Corpse Call is a re-reader for mystery fans, aficionados of character novels, and readers of excellent lesbian fiction.

5-Star Review of Scraps, LAC Book 7

Rainbow Reviews posted a review of Scraps, Lesbian Adventure Club: Book 7.


Scraps is once again a fantastic addition to a series that has become a personal favorite of mine. I never know quite what to expect when I begin a Lesbian Adventure Club book but Wraight never fails to deliver a tightly woven plot with characters that are engaging and well developed. These women are strong and independent yet they have their weaknesses and rely on their close connections with one another. Of all the female characters I’ve read, these stand out in my mind for so many reasons. The stories are fun and heart-warming and silly but what keeps me coming back to the books over and over is the characters. These women are true-to-life and feel like old college friends who come by for a visit every once in a while.

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Leakers Ignited Book Review

Riddle of the Day: What kind of review do you get for a book that’s written backwards?

Well, if you’re like me, you’re probably figuring it’s got to be something less than 5-stars. Figure again! If you end up with a gutsy, creative reviewer, you just might end up with a backwards review. That’s exactly what Leakers Ignited, Book 6 of the Lesbian Adventure Club series, received, along with those humbling five stars. Honestly, I am awed that Emily of Rainbow Reviews wholeheartedly “[embraced] the nature of the Lesbian Adventure Club.” Not only is it hilariously befitting, it is an endorsement of this crew that means much more than five stars.

The author notes from the beginning that she is making this book an adventure for the reader as well as the members of the Dykes Who Dare. You may mimic Kate with her patented “What the hell?” when you learn that the book is written backwards. Seriously. It starts with Chapter 10 and ends with Chapter 1. It is written in the same vein as the rest of the series, just is presented a tad bit differently. If you aren’t up for the challenge, and are in fact a “leaker”, the Forward Version is included as well. My friends ~ take the dare. Embrace the nature of the Lesbian Adventure Club: “to mess with and to be messed with.” Enjoy the story as intended: backwards. And to celebrate this cunning storytelling technique, I am jumping off the pier too. My review is written backwards. Starts with the end and ends with the start. Enjoy it. I “D Double D dare you” to!

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