Lesbian Adventure Club Book 17 Released

The 17th book in my Lesbian Adventure Club series has been released this morning. Subjects is available as an ebook in the LAC bookstore. It should be in paperback by month’s end. There’s a link to a two-chapter PDF excerpt in the menu to your right.

LAC 17 bookcover

Blurb: Kate and Claudia are sick and tired of LAC weekends sending them through an emotional wringer. As this month’s hostesses, they have vowed to avoid their typical wussy ways and do nothing less than mess with the crew. Can they pull it off, or is the deck stacked against them?

Also: There is now a ‘starter pack’ available in the Kindle store on Amazon. It contains the first three books in the series and is currently priced at 99 cents. Reading it requires free Kindle software but does not require a Kindle device.

lac starter pack kindle