LAC 12 Release and an Update

Laura’s League, Lesbian Adventure Club: Book 12 is finished and will be released here Wednesday.

Blurb: Kate and Claudia have a weekend of couple-affirming activities planned for the crew. But three days prior, a life-changing event forces everyone to affirm something much bigger.

It feels great to have it off my desk. I was working on three books at the same time, and it feels as though a long time has passed since I finished anything. Now, though, I am only working on two. LAC 13 is still in the works, but I will be focusing on the fourth McCallister book. I have a quarter or a third to go.


Lesbian Adventure Club Book 11

LAC Book 11 is written and edited. It should be available as an ebook on Monday, October 25th in the LAC Bookstore. The paperback will shortly follow.

It is entitled Stalemates, and its cover is below.

Blurb: Hostesses Ginny and Kris turn downtown Granton into a giant chessboard and shove the girls Through the Looking-Glass. The objective seems simple enough: traverse the board as pawns to become queens in the final square. With all the nonsense they typically create on their own, could Lewis Carroll’s nonsensical world really make it that much worse?

Click image for larger view.


Progress Report

I am nearing completion of Lesbian Adventure Club Book 11. It feels like it is taking forever. (There are sneak-peek chapters over on the LAC characters’ blog.) The series has now exceeded 425,000 words.

The writing distractions of late have been many. I’ve been compelled to write scenes that pop into my head. They involve the current characters, but I am not sure where they will end up. It could be LAC 12, but at this point I’m not quite sure.

I’ve been toying with my fourth mystery—ideas mostly. I don’t have very much text to it yet, as I’ve been trying hard to stick with the task at hand, despite the characters trying to take me in a different direction, despite life doling out things that cannot be ignored.

Forward progress. S l o o o o w forward progress, but progress nonetheless.