The Month Ahead

I’m attempting NaNoWriMo again this year. Hopefully, I’ll come out the other end of November with LAC Book 16 in hand.


8 thoughts on “The Month Ahead

    • The red means I haven’t written or am horribly below the goal of 1,667. Except, the thing resets at midnight so I usually spend the day with a red mark until I get my word count in that night. I should have just picked one with a bar. That kind isn’t as nasty as the red marks or that glaring yellow one that will stay forever. That day, I missed the goal by half.

  1. Roz,
    Thanks for answering. Got some buddies at the bar and we are all pulling for you! I’m not the gambling type but got a pitch of margaritas riding on you! Besides margaritas your books are equally addictive! Not sure which would be first…

    Keep going almost finished! Then you know, damn we got another book to read! I am liking this process!

  2. Roz,

    You are almost finished, and I can almost taste that first drink of that pitch of Margaritas.
    Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving.


  3. Roz,

    You finished with days to spare! Check that out! Cool! Now I will enjoying my pitcher ( Friday). I told Kate you were a quart low on Margritas yourself. Time to catch up!

    Looking forward to the new book. What does NaNoWriMo give for finishing quickly like you did?


    • Have one for me!

      What does NaNo give for finishing quickly? Five whole days without worrying about word-count. Priceless to me.

  4. I read the first chapter and decided to respond here. I absolutely love it. I also didn’t want to write you while intoxicated. Tonight being the pitcher night. I do take my reading serious! Don’t want to be disrespectful.

    So that chapter was created the first day of NaNoWriMo? Oh, it is officially over today! Well I might not be writing you drunk or driving but I certainly will be celebrating!! Yep for you! With you if you want to come to Iowa! Ha!


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